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Have you ever heard of Skylab? 

Do you know what benefits its missions brought humanity?

Even if you have heard of it, trying to address exactly what it has brought to humanity, is no easy task. In Searching for Skylab we hear from the astronauts themselves as they explain the amazing amount of hard work that went into making the missions a resounding success. However, that is not to say that Skylab was free of problems and controversy. The film relies on the people directly involved in the project to convince the audience how much of a triumph Skylab was to their everyday lives.

The legacy of Skylab continues on to this day. It is high time the story of this fine vehicle, Skylab, gets told to a new audience.

Searching for Skylab:

NASA’s Forgotten Triumph

Written & Directed by
Dwight Steven-Boniecki
Produced by
AHAB Productions & 1080 Virtual Media Consulting In memory of Stan Lebar, (1933-2009)
Copyright 2017, 1080VMC & AHAB Productions