Why a Movie About Sklab?

Working in the shadows of legends can be challenging to the best of us and Skylab is no exception. Even as a crucial element in the human space exploration it remains largely forgotten, falling in the immediate shadow of the seemingly more spectacular Apollo lunar missions.
"Searching for Skylab" is an independently-produced documentary made for the world to remember the space station's amazing stories.
The award-winning author of "Live TV from the Moon" - Dwight Steven-Boniecki - was surprised to hear the head of the Westinghouse Lunar TV Program, who worked on both Skylab and Apollo, frequently re-directed his talk to the achievements on Skylab. Steven-Boniecki was curious to find out why. Skylab has rarely been mentioned by known and respected sources and didn't seem interesting enough to be worth looking at... little did he know, he was about to embark on a 10-year journey of research.
Three manned Skylab missions of 28, 59 and 84 days were recorded by NASA on film, video and audio tapes. Multiply the 171 days by 24 and you get over 4000 hours of audio material alone. Imagine now extracting the most interesting snippets and matching them to the relevant film without any reference. It's a gargantuan task for anyone. No wonder you have never seen a movie about Skylab of this calibre.
No wonder, you find relatively little new material or research done on Skylab. "Searching for Skylab" is attempting to change that now by presenting you with 10 years of research in 1.5 entertaining hours. Packed with exclusive interviews of astronauts, engineers, experts and their families, the film gives you a glimpse into one of the greatest - albeit mostly forgotten - American triumphs in space of all time!

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The Trailers

How Did Skylab Benefit Humanity?

Trying to address exactly what Skylab brought humanity is no easy task.
The film relies on the people directly involved in the project to convince the audience how much of a triumph Skylab was to their everyday lives.
The astronauts themselves explain the details of their work that helped each mission to become a resounding success. Nevertheless, Skylab was far from being free of problems and controversy.
Its legacy continues on to this day and it is high time that the story of this fine vehicle gets told to a new audience.

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When NASA technical abbreviations are used in the film...

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